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How We Achieve Quality at All Costs

Our goal isn’t just to put quality first it’s to put quality on your wrist

At Kaville, we firmly believe that there’s no point in delivering beautiful products if there are only a few people who can afford them. So we set out to design a line that’s not just attractive, but that is also affordable. A way for the averagely paid joe to achieve an above average look.

Seth, Founder of Kaville, walks us through the process of achieving quality that comes at all costs. Especially affordable costs.




At first, we were worried that price cutting might lead to cutting corners.

My first ever online order was a remote control toy car and I couldn’t have been more excited about it. I anxiously waited the two weeks shipping as prescribed by the company and when the package finally arrived, I was overjoyed. I rushed to unpack it and insert batteries, but within three runs down the length of my driveway, the car broke down. The plastic had snapped from barely any use. I was crushed.

Since then, my taste for remote control toys has changed (I much prefer flying drones now -- technology has accomplished amazing things!), but my disregard for cheap products hasn’t dissipated. If anything, I’m more intent on finding quality items than I ever was. And that carries over to the items that my company provides. I’ve been so disappointed by cheaply made products in the past that I couldn’t do that to anyone else. Anything that goes out of Kaville is always approved by me and my own very high standards when it comes to quality.




In researching our line, we found that many big name watch companies spend minimal amounts on product resources, yet charge exorbitant fees.

We’re not about making crazy profits at Kaville. Sure, we have to make enough to stay afloat and fund new ventures, but it’s not worth it to us to exclude customers from our products just to pad our paychecks and boost our egos.

I honestly get so excited any time I see someone wearing one of our watches. To think about limiting who has access to them by raising our prices -- it just doesn’t do anything for me. I want to see as many Kaville watches out there as I can. And the lower the prices, the more the watches get around. I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.




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