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Made for life without limits

Our watches are designed for a fast paced, full throttle, chasing dreams constantly kind of living. They’re bold, with a kickstart of ambition and a healthy dose of adventure, just like their owners. When we set out to design our first wristwatch, we knew it had to reflect real values and lifestyles. Afterall, a quality watch doesn’t become a favorite timepiece due to its design alone.

At Kaville, we focus on the places the watch accompanies its owner, the handshakes and the fist bumps it oversees, and the arms it brushes against while holding hands. These experiences are what comprise our lives and now what inspire our wristwatches. Our ultimate goal in crafting timepieces is to provide watches that are unconstricted by limits of style or function so that the life you’re living can take center stage, from office to mountain, day to night, and decade to decade.

Our wristwatches are versatile, made for any excursion, and prepared for any life event. With high quality genuine leather or canvas straps, Kaville watches are durable and comfortable, easily molding to your unique wrist shape. With water resistance up to 1 ATM, they can handle any sprinkle and hang steady in any monsoon. Looking stylish poolside is just an added bonus.

Each Kaville timepiece is crafted with a hardened mineral crystal lens along with highest quality stainless steel and alloy casing. With longevity in mind, all watches come with a 24 month warranty so if damage strikes, worries won’t follow.

With nineteen models to choose from and eighteen different straps, there’s no shortage of style when it comes to Kaville. Our watches are unique and customizable to you and to your lifestyle. So whichever life you’re living, live it without limits. And live it with a Kaville watch by your side.

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